Tour de Suisse
The music publishing house Henry Labatiaz is joining forces with the Swiss Federation Europa Cantat and the Swiss Choral Association to promote Swiss choral art!
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Editions Henry Labatiaz
Éditions musicales Henry Labatiaz is the fruit of a rich lineage: born of the merger of Éditions Frédy Henry and Éditions Labatiaz, it is based on almost 150 years of musical history in French-speaking Switzerland. Proud of this heritage, Éditions musicales Henry Labatiaz, which was taken over by Grégoire May and Janique Cheseaux, is committed to preserving the region's creative impetus, enhancing that of the past and supporting that of the present. In this respect, Éditions musicales Henry Labatiaz is delighted to be able to count on the confidence of today's composers.
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