Frequently Asked Questions
1. Can I order my scores by email or phone?
Yes, of course. All communication channels are available for placing your orders.
The online sales system is a new, fast, and efficient tool that allows you to track your orders. So, we would appreciate it if you use it as much as possible.
2. How long will it take for me to receive my order?
We strive to process your order as quickly as possible. In the best cases, you will receive it within 2 business days. Unfortunately, we are not yet ready to guarantee these delivery times for our entire catalog. Expect a realistic timeframe of 2-3 weeks from your order. However, if this is not the case, we will contact you promptly.
3. Can I get my scores in PDF format?
We are currently developing a system that will provide a clear answer to this question for our entire catalog. For now, it depends on your order. Please let us know your request, and we will try to accommodate it.
4. Can I pick up my order in person at the Saint-Maurice branch?
Absolutely! This option is not available through the online store due to technical reasons, but you can certainly contact us to make this request.
5. I'm ordering for my choir/ensemble. Can I put the invoice in its name?
No problem: you can create an account with any name you want, along with all the corresponding details, and specify an alternative delivery address in the "comments" section when finalizing the order.
6. Why can't I order less than 15 copies of certain works?
Choral music is generally intended for an ensemble, so we don't sell less than 15 scores of any choral work. However, if you have a specific and justifiable reason for needing fewer than 15 scores, feel free to place your order by email at info@editions-henry-labatiaz.ch and explain the reasons for your request.
7. How do the search filters work?
The filter search allows you to refine your search by categories. By consciously selecting different categories, you can refine your search:
  1. Selecting two categories within the same column adds the results of both categories. Example: choosing the filters men's choir and guitar in the first column will give results that are EITHER in the "men's choir" category OR in the "guitar" category.
  2. Selecting two categories in two separate columns intersects the results of both categories. Example: choosing the filter men's choir in the first column and guitar in the second will give results that are in the "men's choir" category AND in the "guitar" category.
  3. More complex example combining both: by choosing the filters men's choir and mixed choir in the first column and the filters guitar and organ in the second, the search will give results for the following searches:
    1. - "men's choir" AND "guitar"
    2. - "men's choir" AND "organ"
    3. - "mixed choir" AND "guitar"
    4. - "mixed choir" AND "organ"
8. I can't find the score I'm looking for, does it not exist?
It most likely does exist but has not yet been digitized. The reason for this situation is the unification of the different databases we work with, a lengthy process that we hope to have completed by the summer of 2024. So please don't hesitate to contact us by email; we have other means to help you and will do our best to respond positively to your request.
9. What do these new numbers correspond to?
The new numbers we use are based on a simple system that preserves the origin of each piece. The old classification (EMB, CL, FH, FF, H, G, etc.) is replaced by a new unique classification EHL X., determined as follows:
  1. EMB (Éditions Musicales Labatiaz) = EHL 1.
  2. CL (Éditions Chorus) = EHL 2.
  3. FH (Frédy Henry Éditions) = EHL 3.
  4. FF/EF (Fœtisch Frères) = EHL 3.
  5. BMP (Bureau de Musique Protestante) = EHL 3.
  6. SM/SIM (Éditions du Siècle Musical) = EHL 4.
  7. AH (Adrian Henn) = EHL 5.
  8. H/HL (Éditions Henn) = EHL 5.
  9. EHL (Éditions Henry Labatiaz) = EHL 7.
  10. MPF (Maurice et Pierre Fœtisch) = EHL 8.
  11. G/GG (Éditions Gesseney) = EHL 9.
10. I've found errors in your catalog, what should I do?
No matter the nature of the error you've discovered, we would greatly appreciate it if you could let us know by emailing us at info@editions-henry-labatiaz.ch with "error" in the subject line. We are committed to cleaning up our database as quickly as possible, but we believe it's in the best interest to make it available, even if it's imperfect, rather than keeping it with us for much longer.
11. I see that a work is available with orchestral accompaniment, but I can't find the accompaniment. What should I do?
Many works in our catalog were created for festive occasions, for which instrumental or even orchestral accompaniment was composed. These scores are often extensive and require significant reworking. If you're planning a concert for which you would need such a score, please send us a request as soon as possible – even if it's not final. This will increase the chances that we can respond positively.